Letter from Fernando to the friends of "Round around the Blockade", 2002

October 24, 2002

Dear friends:

I received the latest issues of Viva Cuba and Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, both of which I appreciate very much. They are packed with interesting news and articles on issues not commonly found in mainstream media.

The article on the front page of Viva Cuba regarding our case is very comprehensive and includes very encouraging news about the campaign in solidarity with our case.

There is no doubt in my mind that the struggle of the Cuban people along with the solidarity of many friends and honest people around the world will make truth and justice prevail. You can count on my gratitude for your solidarity the same way that you can count on my decision to stand strong, resist and defend the right of our people to prevent the terrorist attacks organised and financed in the US against Cuba. We?ll keep fighting this unjust imprisonment with the certainty that truth is on our side and justice will prevail.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Fernando Gonzalez
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