Fernando González Llort

Graduate from the Raul Roa Garcia Superior Institute of International Relations.

“Fernando is a typical Cuban,” says his mother

Fernando González Llort was born in Havana on August 18, 1963. Since he was very young he took on responsibilities in the student organizations of the secondary education and at the University, as well as in the Union of Communist Youths.

He graduated with golden diploma at the Superior Institute of International Relations. “During his school days—his mother remembered--, he liked to go to parties, to the beach with a tent, and he always encouraged his friends because “he always saw the things from a positive point of view and tried not to be tormented.”

“Fernando is a typical Cuban - the mother specified trying to characterize him---, he is not an extraordinary being, he likes to play ball, he participated in all the voluntary works, he is a normal being, he likes music and he prefers Silvio Rodríguez.

In another moment of the encounter and with vivacity, Magali Llort Ruiz—Fernando’s mother—revealed that her only male son prefers, above any food, yucca with “mojo”, “since he left I have not cooked it any more , and I won’t make it again until he returns. I will put yucca on the table the day when returns.”

He fulfilled a mission as an internationalist fighter in the Republic of Angola, in a battalion of tanks.

In 1988, he entered the Communist Party of Cuba and, by the middle of the 90s left Cuba to fulfill the task of safeguarding the life of his countrymen threatened by 43 years of terrorist aggressions organized in the territory of the United States. “I reaffirm my pride to be part of the Cuban people and of its Revolution, ”Fernando stated in letter to his countrymen’s mother moments before receiving his 19 year-old sentence in the faked and vengeful trial that was developed against five heroic Cuban in Miami.

During the sentence hearings that took place in Miami, Fernando was proud of being one of those who have prevented terrorist acts and he reiterated that neither him nor his partners conspired against the national security of the USA, nor did they spy any military installation that nation.

He is in love with his wife Rosa Freijanes Coca, who highlighted Fernando’s their loyalty to his comrades, to his friends, to the Revolution and its principles.


Fernando’s mission was watch over Orlando Bosh, a terrorist of Cuban origin.

Bosh was accused of being one of the intellectual authors of the explosion of a Cuban commercial airplane that took the life of 73 people in October,1976. He has also been involved in other actions against the government of the Island, and in spite of being registered as terrorist in the North American police files, he walks freely along the streets of Miami, the panelists remembered.

In the defense statement read in the court, little before receiving the sentence, Fernando González denounces the existent complicity between the government of the United States and the extremist Anti-Cuban that act against the Island.

“The terrorist groups of the extreme right of Miami were created and trained by the CIA,” expressed the accused.

“The Cuban people is entitled to defend itself, because up to now the American government that is the one in charge of enacting the laws, has made very little, or nothing, to stop the activities against Cuba.

“I never endangered the national security of United States, it was not my intention nor my comrades,” Fernando González stated in his defense statement.

Cuba also considers that its citizens have been subjected to a “political and faked” trial, designed to satisfy the thirst of vengeance” of the extremist sectors of the Cuban community in the northern country.

“It cannot have double standards, terrorism it should be eliminated whether it is committed against a powerful country or against a small nation,” González asserted when defending his activities inside the American territory.
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